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The FEB is committed to building strong corporate connections as well as open interfaces with a wide range of stakeholders such as public authorities at European, federal and regional level, not-for-profit institutions, individual entrepreneurs and educational institutions. The importance of these interfaces is reflected in FEB’s mission, its values and objectives. In recent years, the following strategic priorities were at the top of FEB’s agenda:

  • The FEB has worked out a new model with a clearer position for the Corporate Council, the Society of Fellows of High Hill College, the local network of high-tech companies and spin-offs represented in Leuven.Inc and its Key Corporate Partners.
  • There is a marked increase in the active corporate collaborations in research. The increase in the number of Chairs (15) and collaborative projects testifies to this. The FEB aims to expand the number of chairs in particular because of the related funding opportunities and the value added through these forms of open innovation.
  • With the expansion of its programme portfolio the FEB now also offers programmes which rely heavily on input from business. In these programmes adjunct faculty also take a much more central role.
  • The FEB has gradually evolved from a purely education-oriented ‘old’ school towards a triple-tier model in which the educational curricula are enriched with numerous development and immersion initiatives. Through these initiatives the business world is much more intensively involved in FEB’s programmes.

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