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FEB Doctoral Programmes

The Faculty of Economics and Business organises two doctoral programmes: the PhD programme in Economics and the PhD programme in Business Economics. Both programmes are designed to stimulate and nurture young talent, fully preparing PhD graduates for careers in both academia and international business.




Doctoral Regulations


General information - Contacts


Naamsestraat 69
3000 Leuven
Room HOG 00.114

+32 16 32 67 97



Charter for PhD researchers and supervisors

KU Leuven strives towards the best possible workplace environment for its PhD researchers and this 'charter' is an important element in this endeavour.  The charter describs the duties and responsibilities of PhD researchers and their supervisors.  By reading and signing it you indicate that you know what is expected from you as a PhD researcher and what you can expect from your supervisor.  This charter is key for a pleasant and productive collaboration in the years to come.  We recommend you to discuss the text with your supervisor so that both of you are fully aware of what to expect from each other.  

  • Print the charter
  • Read and if necessary discuss the Charter for the PhD Researcher and the Supervisor with your supvervisor
  • Mention your name and date on the last page of the charter and sign the charter on the last page
  • Upload and submit the document as a pdf document in your KU Loket, Research Progress file


Faculty Doctoral Committee (Facultaire Doctoraatscommissie)

  • Prof. Kristien Smedts (Chair)
  • Prof. Jo Swinnen (PhD coordinator Economics)
  • Prof. Kristien Smedts (PhD coordinator Business Economics)
  • Prof. Geert Dhaene (CES, Campus Leuven)
  • Prof. Tom Van Caneghem (AFI, Campus Brussel)
  • Prof. Dirk Czarnitzki (MSI, Campus Leuven)
  • Prof. Anneleen Forrier (HRM, Campus Antwerpen)
  • Prof. Jeroen Beliën (KBPRO, Campus Brussel)
  • Michaël Rubens (PhD student Economics)
  • Dennis Verhoeven (PhD student Business Economics)
  • Prof. Katrien Antonio (Doctoral ombuds)
  • Annie Vercruysse (administrative coordinator)



Vacancies for academic staff at KU Leuven.


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