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Welcome to the Research center For Marketing and Consumer Science!
  • Research center For Marketing and Consumer Science is part of the Department of Marketing and Organisation, of the K.U.Leuven.
  • Our group is active in three main areas of academic marketing:
    • consumer behavior
    • econometric modelling
    • marketing management/strategy

    We target our work to the highest ranked academic journals in marketing and related disciplines.
    Most of our research is supported by competitive government grants (regional, federal and European).
  • Members of the group are active in all major international marketing organizations, and contribute to international doctoral training programs. They are present on the review boards of major marketing journals (Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing…). We also connect to the local business community by developing joint initiatives with our Fellows group.
  • The Research center For Marketing and Consumer Science invests heavily in doctoral training: by inviting distinguished marketing academics from around the globe to our annual Marketing Winter Camp, by organising annual in-depth research seminars in consumer behavior, reading-groups in topical content areas….
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