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Since its foundation in 1991 LICOS has been at the centre of top-level theoretical and empirical research of micro- and macro-economic aspects of transition, institutional changes and economic performance.


In 2005 LICOS was selected as one of the twelve 'Centres of Excellence' by the University of Leuven.


LICOS members and visitors engage in research through seminars and publications. Please see LICOS ANNUAL REPORT for further information. LICOS also invests extensively in primary data collection across the globe.












16 - 18 September 2012: The Economics and Politics of Chocolate


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Prof. Johan Swinnen

Administrators Evi Fosse and Lieve Mommaerts




International Trade and Fiscal Policy

Prof. Hylke Vandenbussche

Market Structure and Performance

Prof. Patrick Van Cayseele

Labour Markets and Industrial Restructuring

Prof. Jozef Konings

Development and Food Policy

Prof. Johan Swinnen



PhD Candidates

Job Openings


"Opinie GGO's: geen slogans maar feiten"


"Standards, Trade, and Development" LICOS Workshop


"Impact Evaluation in China: Methods and Practices of Randomized Control Trials and Quasi-Experimental Methods" LICOS PhD course by Prof. Scott Rozelle (Stanford University)


"Estimating Dynamic Games" PhD course by Prof. Philip Schmidt-Dengler (University of Mannheim)


"The economics of organizing global production networks" LICOS PhD course by Prof. Ari Van Assche (HEC Montréal and LICOS)


"The Economics of Institutional Reform and Development in China" LICOS PhD course by Prof. Gérard Roland (UC Berkeley)


"China Summer Economics Institute (CESI)" Co-sponsored by UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, LICOS. etc.





LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance

Waaistraat 6 - bus 3511
B-3000 Leuven - BELGIUM

Phone: +32-16-32-65-98
Fax: +32-16-32-65-99

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Self-Reported Food Insecurity in Africa During the Food Price Crisis
Marijke Verpoorten, Abhimanyu Arora and Johan F.M. Swinnen  

Reputation Matters: Spillover Effects in the Enforcement of US SPS Measures
Marie-Agnès Jouanjean, Jean-Christophe Maur and Ben Sheperd  

Moving up the Quality ladder? EU-China Trade Dynamics in Clothing
Francesco Di Comite, Jean-François Thisse and Hylke Vandenbussche  

Verti-zonal Differentiation in Monopolistic Competition
Hylke Vandenbussche,Francesco Di Comite, Laura Rovegno and Christian Viegelahn   

Explaining Reallocation's Apparent Negative Contribution to Growth
Mitsukuni Nishida, Amil Petrin and Saso Polonec  

From vice to virtue? Civil war and social capital in Uganda
Giacomo De Luca and Marijke Verpoorten  

Cultural Differences, Assimilation and Behavior: Player Nationality and Penalties in Football
Giacomo De Luca and Jeroen Schokkaert  

When are Private Standards more Stringent than Public Standards?
Thijs Vandemoortele  

Differences in Export Behavior of Services and Manufacturing Firms in Slovenia
Tanja Grubljesic and Joze Damijan  

From Monasteries to Multinationals (and Back): A Historical Review of the Beer Economy
Eline Poelmans and Johan F.M.Swinnen  

SPS Capitalization into Land Value: Generalized Propensity Score Evidence from the EU
Pavel Ciaian, d'Artis Kancs and Jerzy Michalek  

Food, Energy and Environment: is Bioenergy the missing link?
Pavel Ciaian and d'Artis Kancs

Leave None to Claim the Land. A Malthusian Catastrophe in Rwanda?
Marijke Verpoorten  

Revisiting the "cotton problem": A comparative analysis of cotton reforms in sub-Saharan Africa
Claire Delpeuch, Anneleen Vandeplas and Johan F.M.Swinnen  

Food quality in domestic markets of developing economies: A comparative study of two countries
Anneleen Vandeplas and Bart Minten  

Regulations, brokers and interlinkages: The institutional organization of wholesale markets in India
Bart Minten, Anneleen Vandeplas and Johan F.M.Swinnen  

Using proxy variables to control for unobservables when estimating productivity: A sensitivity analysis
Carmine Ornaghi and Ilke Van Beveren  

Political Institutions and Public Policy: The Co-Decision Procedure in the European Union and the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy
Christophe Crombez and Johan F.M.Swinnen  

No Protectionist Surprises: EU Antidumping Policy Before and During the Great Recession
Hylke Vandenbussche and Christian Viegelahn  

The Impact of Information on the Willingness-to-Pay for Labeled Organic Food Products
Sandra Rousseau and Liesbet Vranken  

School Dropouts and Conditional Cash Transfers: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural China's Junior High Schools
Di Mo, Linxiu Zhang, Hongmei Yi, Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle and Alexis Medina  

Transfer Paths and Academic Performance: The Primary School Merger Program in China
Di Mo, Hongmei Yi, Linxiu Zhang, Yaojiang Shi, Scott Rozelle and Alexis Medina  

Standard, Reputation and Trade: Evidence from US horticultural imports refusals
Marie-Agnès Jouanjean  

Censored Demand System Estimation with Endogenous Expenditures in Clustered Samples: an Application to Food Demand in Urban Mozambique
Mikkel Barslund  

The Political Economy of Policy Instrument Choice: Theory and Evidence from Agricultural Policies
Johan F.M.Swinnen, Alessandro Olper and Thijs Vandemoortele  

Firms's Pattern of Trade and Access to Finance
Joze P. Damijan and Crt Kostevc  

Export Strategies of New Exporters: Why is Export Expansion Along with the Extensive Margins so Sluggish?
Joze P. Damijan, Crt Kostevc and Saso Polanec

On Butterflies and Frankenstein: A Dynamic Theory of Regulation
Johan F.M. Swinnen and Thijs Vandemoortele

Measure for Measure: How Well Do We Measure Micro-level Conflict Intensity?
Marijke Verpoorten  

College Major Choice and Ability: Why is General Ability not Enough?
Tjasa Loga and Saso Polanec

Market Dynamics in Supply Chains: The impact of globalization and consolidation on food companies' mark-ups
Eleni A.Kaditi

The Market for Policy Communication
Johan F.M.Swinnen, Thijs Vandemoortele and Mara Squicciarini

Belgian Beers: Where History Meets Globalization
Damiaan Persyn, Johan F.M.Swinnen and Stijn Vanormelingen

Beer Drinking Nations. The Determinants of Global Beer Consumption
Liesbeth Colen and Johan F.M.Swinnen

Impact of the Global Crisis on Spatial Relationships in Russia
Konstantin Gluschenko

How the East Was Won: The Foreign Take-Over of the Eastern European Brewing Industry
Johan F.M. Swinnen and Kristine Van Herck

FDI Spillovers and the Timing of Foreign Entry
Bruno Merlevede, Koen Schoors and Mariana Spatareanu

Competitive Microcredit Markets: Differentiation and ex-ante Incentives for Multiple Borrowing
Paolo Casini

When Drains and Gains Coincide: Migration and International Football Performance
Ruxanda Berlinschi,Jeroen Schokkaert and Johan F.M. Swinnen

Learning from trade through innovation: Causal link between imports, exports and innovation in Spanish microdata
Joze.P.Damijan and Crt.Kostevc

Food Standards and Welfare: A General Equilibrium Model with Market Imperfections
Tao Xiang, Jikun Huang, d'Artis Kancs, Scott Rozelle and Jo Swinnen

European Electricity Market Reforms: Any Signs of Efficiency Improvements?
Ziga Zarnic

From Liberalization Towards Integration: Have Mark-ups of EU Electricity Firms Changed?
Ziga Zarnic                                                    

Foreign Investments and Institutional Convergence in South eastern Europe 
Eleni A.Kaditi

The Right Price of Food
Johan F.M.Swinnen

Variety Gains of Trade Integration in a Heterogeneous Firm Model
d'Artis Kancs

Global Production Networks in Electronics and Intra-Asian Trade
Byron Gangnes and Ari Van Assche

The Intensity of the Rwandan Genocide:Fine Measures from the Gacaca Records
Marijke Verpoorten

GMO Regulations, International Trade and the Imperialism of Standards
Mauro Vigani, Valentina Raimondi and Alessandro Olper

Detecting Hidden Violence:The Spatial Distribution of Excess Mortality in Rwanda
Marijke Verpoorten

Why does the WTO have an Antidumping Agreement?
James C. Hartigan and Hylke Vandenbussche















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