Work on the Chinese economy



·         Jo Van Biesebroeck (K.U.Leuven)

·         Loren Brandt (University of Toronto)

·         Yifan Zhang (Lingnan University)

·         Luhang Wang (University of Toronto, Ph.D. student)


Working papers:

·         Creative Accounting or Creative Destruction? Firm-level Productivity Growth in Chinese Manufacturing, by Loren Brandt, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, and Yifan Zhang. July 2009. Submitted. [pdf file]

·         WTO, trade liberalization, and productivity in Chinese manufacturing, by Loren Brandt, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Yifan Zhang. In progress. [presentation in pdf]

·         Capability building in China’s auto supply chains, by Loren Brandt and Johannes Van Biesebroeck. In progress. [report for Industry Canada in pdf]


CES-LICOS Workshop onInternational Trade and Productivity in China’s Manufacturing Sector” was held on October 8, 2008 at the K.U.Leuven [program]


Data files – in the following directory [appendix]:

·         Industry concordances (4 files): concordance_over_time; IO-CIC_pre2002; IO-CIC_post2002; IO_sectors

·         Deflators (7 files): input_2digit; input_14sector; input_benchmark; capital; output_2digit; output_14sector; output_benchmark

·         Programs (2 files): match_firms ; create_capital_stock


Research supported by:

·         SSHRC

·         ERC

·         AUTO21