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 1  How to order this book?         Model Selection and Model Averaging

 2  Table of contents                                   Gerda Claeskens & Nils Lid Hjort

 3 A look inside the book                                                    Cambridge University Press

 4 Datasets used in the book                Cambridge Series in Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics (No. 27)

 5 R code for the FIC                                                                  ISBN-13: 9780521852258

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Please note that this website is still under construction. A R package with datasets and FIC programs will be constructed as well (some time in the future).

Datasets used in the book:

1 Egyptian Skulls Information Dataset Program
2 The (Not so) Quiet Don Information Dataset, original Program
3 Survival with primary biliary cirrhosis Information Dataset Program
4 Low birthweight data Information Dataset Program
5 Football matches Information Dataset, all files Program
6 Speedskating men Information Dataset, original Program
Speedskating ladies Dataset, original Program
European Championship 2004 Information Dataset, original Program
7 Mortality in ancient Egypt Information Dataset Program
8 Exponential decay of beer froth Information Dataset Program
9 Blood groups A, B, AB, O Information Dataset Program
10 Health Assessment Questionnaires Information Dataset Program
11 The Raven Information Dataset, all files Program
12 Danish melanoma data Information Dataset Program
13 Survival for oropharynx carcinoma Information Dataset Program
14 Fifty years survival since graduation Information Data men, women Program
15 Onset of menarche Information Dataset Program
16 Australian Institute of Sports data Information Dataset Program
17 CH4 concentrations Information Dataset Program
18 Low-iron rat teratology data Information Dataset Program
19 POPS data Information Dataset Program
20 Birds on islands Information Dataset Program

Programs for the focussed information criterion:

FIC for normal regression I Program
FIC for normal regression, with forward search strategy Program
FIC for logistic regression Program
Weighted FIC for logistic regression Program
FIC and FMA for Cox proportional hazard's regression model Program

This software comes as it is. No guarantee whatsoever is given. The authors cannot be held responable for any misunderstanding, incorrect use, false scientific conclusions or other problems using these programs.