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Center for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (CEDON)





CEDON stands for Center for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (Centrum voor Economie en Duurzaam Ondernemen in Dutch). It is an interdisciplinary research group focusing on interactions between economics, business, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Within CEDON about 20 economists, engineers, psychologists and scientists are collaborating to help companies and society to develop sustainable development and CSR strategies. Planet, People and Profit are the central themes in CEDON activities.

CEDON members are supplying a variety of subjects, ranging from environmental and energy economics, over CSR to safety management to all academic bachelor and master programs of the KU Leuven Campus Brussels.

CEDON researchers have extensive national and international academic and business networks. They participate in research projects for a variety of private and public partners and they communicate their research results via academic and professional publication channels.

The current CEDON research group has developed out of the CEDON research center that was linked to the HUB's teaching program on safety and occupational health (Milieu & Preventie Management MPM in Dutch). After a reorganization of the research groups in 2009, CEDON has become a research group in the Center for Research on Economic Markets and their Environments CREME of the KU Leuven Campus Brussels.




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