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Wat met recyclage? -- Van Acker K, Allacker K, Bachus K, Biedenkopf K, Binnemans K, Dewulf W, Dubois M, Duflou J, Eyckmans J, Muchez P, Pandelaers L, Van Calster G, Van Gerven T, Vranken L
The classroom as a developmental context for cognitive development: a meta-analysis on the importance of teacher-student interactions for children’s executive functions -- Vandenbroucke L, Spilt J, Verschueren K, Piccinin C, Baeyens D
Wettability of carbon fibres at micro- and mesoscales -- Wang J, Fuentes Rojas C, Zhang D, Wang X, Van Vuure A, Seveno D

Department of Economics

Currently the full-time academic staff of the department includes 21 professors, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Frank Verboven. The research covers a wide range of areas in the broadly defined field of economics. 

Researchers have built up considerable expertise in their fields, producing fundamental and policy-oriented research that finds an outlet in top general and specialized journals. The department also participates in many European, national and regional research projects. Professors are often called upon by national and international policy makers to give scientific advice. The Department of Economics attracts international guest professors as well as research assistants.




PhD defence by Sven Damen: Economics of Power Transmission Reliability




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Save the date - Gaston Eyskens Chair




Pinelopi K. Goldberg (Yale University) will give the inaugural lecture on Monday October 23, 2017 at 6:00PM. She will give 3 more lectures that same week.

The Gaston Eyskens Chair was founded in 1975, on the occasion of the promotion of Prof. Dr. Gaston Eyskens to professor emeritus. This chair is intended to promote the teaching of theoretical and applied economics by organising bi-annually a series of lectures to be given by outstanding economists.

More details, including the complete schedule, to follow.






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