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Research Center for Management Informatics

LIRIS (Leuven Institute for Research on Information Systems)

The Leuven Institute for Research on Information Systems (LIRIS), founded in 1987, coordinates research in the area of information technology and management in organizations. This research embodies: fundamental issues of information systems in organizations (dealing with concepts, models, generic methods, tools and techniques), applied research (relating general research results to specific problems and application areas), and research on the use and implications of information systems throughout society.

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Description of the Research Group

The research group has acquired a solid, world-wide recognized reputation in the field of management informatics, as illustrated by the various top publications in high-quality journals, research projects, presentations at well-respected conferences, the frequent organization of scientific events, and the regular editorial activities undertaken. In the area of business informatics, the group has always been a leading research team in Flanders and Belgium. The research team maintains close contacts with other research centers in the faculty, KU Leuven and other universities. LIRIS cooperates with leading international academic research centers in business information systems.

The LIRIS group also has extensive links with a network of national and international industry partners, serving either as research sponsors or facilitators for data provisioning and research validation. This cross-fertilization between fundamental research and industry practice allows to conduct research according to the domain’s motto: rigor and relevance. See e.g.  the long list of LIRIS research chairs, the cooperation with industry fellows and the LIRIS Academy.

Research Topics and Staff

The LIRIS Faculty counts 7 professors, 2 postdocs and around 15 PhD researchers. Check out the list of research projects and grants, and an overview of completed doctoral dissertations. Important research topics are: analysis, modeling and architecture of information systems; knowledge discovery, data and process mining; architecture and infrastructure; business data, process, service, rules and decision management; information strategy.

Bart Baesens
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Social Network Analysis
Guido Dedene (+)
  • ICT-based service economics & management
  • Concept discovery & innovation
  • Strategy & business modeling
Jochen De Weerdt
  • Process mining
  • Business Process Management
  • Analytics
  • Cryptocurrencies
Wilfried Lemahieu
  • Big data storage & integration
  • Business process management
  • Service oriented architectures & web services
  • Data quality
Ferdi Put
  • Quality of service
  • Network economics & management
  • Collaborative systems
  • Discrete event simulation
Monique Snoeck
  • Requirements engineering
  • UML & Model-driven Engineering
  • Business process modelling
  • Enterprise architecture
  • E-learning
Jan Vanthienen
  • Process/decision modelling and analytics
  • Smart systems
  • Business rules & processes
  • Information management


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