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Our mission and values


The primary missions of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) are education and research.

A FEB education aims to prepare students for successful entrepreneurial endeavours and careers in the corporate world, in national and international public policy-making, or in research. To achieve this the FEB offers high-quality, research-based degree programmes in the fields of both economics and business, and from Bachelor to PhD.

Secondly, the FEB wants to foster research with high academic and societal impact, and high visibility in the corporate world. The FEB’s ambition is to be the leading learning and research community in Belgium and to excel in the different research subfields the school hosts, thereby deserving its high rank among the top of European schools of Economics and Business.

To achieve these twin primary objectives, FEB wants to develop a stimulating environment for staff and students, in which they feel free to develop their innovative, ethical and entrepreneurial expertise in education, research and business, whilst emphasizing the role of economic policy and business in the greater society and keeping a global focus through international exchanges and cooperation.


The FEB at KU Leuven will be recognized as one of Europe’s leading academies of scholarship in economics, business (economics) and related disciplines, with the standing of its academic core activities recognized and supported by its core stakeholders and evaluated and certified by the most well-regarded external quality assessors.