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Master of Business Administration

Programme structure

General management tracks

European and International Relations (B)

The European and International Relations track is targeted towards students who want to understand how international and European policy affects both the day-to-day as well as strategic operations of firms. The European and International Relations track will deepen your understanding of the international environment within which firms operate and it's increasing foreign competition due to free international trade and mobility of capital.

In order to do so, the track covers various dimensions of international and European business and is built on three pillars: an economic pillar (focused on the economic environment in which an international firm operates), a business pillar (on how an international firm operates in this environment) and a political/institutional pillar (looking at political and institutional aspects).

The track European and International Relations prepares you for positions in international and European organisations, NGOs, multinational enterprises, small and medium-size local enterprises with international activities. You will have keen insight into international and European economic and political realities and are thus well-positioned for careers in banking and international and European business.

Track courses

Track module (18 credits)

  • International and European relations
  • Location Theory and EU Regional Policy
  • International Study Visit/Seminar on European Business

Electives (12 credits) for European and International Relations students

In addition to broadening education electives, European and International Relations students can also choose track-specific electives:

  • International Business Strategy
  • History of European Integration


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