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Master of Business Administration

Programme structure

General management tracks

International Business (A)

Managers face increasingly global and complex markets in today's international business environment. In such a global environment, you need to respond to a variety of challenges, ranging from different cultures and weak institutions to increasingly pressing constraints set by the natural environment. If you want to be successful in such a complex and rapidly changing business environment, managers require a deep and clear understanding of mature as well as emerging markets, and the related technical, economic, social and environmental challenges. Emerging economies pose special challenges for managers aiming to enter attractive new markets or to exploit new opportunities of world-wide division of labour while facing the challenges of poverty, ecological disruption and institutional voids. Global E-commerce and new online technologies such as International Business Model Analytics provide you with new tools to successfully confront these challenges.

Through the International Business track you will gain a deeper understanding of the role, functioning and strategic development of multinational companies in the globalization process, with emphasis on business strategies for exports, FDI, and portfolio investment directed to mature and emerging markets. You will obtain insights in the structure, strategies, and performance of mature and emerging market multinationals, global market conditions, including political, institutional, and economic developments in individual countries, as well as developments in the relationships between foreign multinationals and their local stakeholders and the impact on the ecological system. You will study the role of emerging markets in the global economy, and the interaction between mature and emerging economies. Finally, you will learn about new opportunities of E-commerce, International Finance and International Business Model Analytics allowing innovation and optimisation of business models in a wide variety of foreign markets.

This track prepares you for jobs that require the ability to identify, analyse and solve the major issues faced by management in dealing with an international business environment. At the end of the track you will be able to apply a wide range of international business theories, tools and analytical techniques, and you will have profound knowledge of the state of the art research in the field of international business. Your preparation for the international business environment offers you valuable expertise and career opportunities in a wide range of companies from small and medium-sized firms to large multinational companies operating in different countries.

Track courses

Track module (18 credits)

  • Global Strategic Management
  • Managing Internationalisation
  • International Business Model Analytics

Electives (12 credits) for International Business students

International Business Students can choose from a wide range of broadening courses.


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