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Master of Business Administration

Programme structure

General management tracks

Strategic Business Management (A)

The Strategic Business Management track focuses on strategy development. You will learn how organisations can determine, implement and assess strategic objectives. The track not only focuses on general management skills but also on how different managerial departments, such as finance, marketing, HR and accounting, can develop their strategies and contribute to a successful implementation of company strategy.

You will understand competitive behaviour of firms in a rapidly changing global environment, and will learn to apply industry-, resource-, and institution-based perspectives in a variety of contextual settings. Given that different strategic options can lead to high performance, depending on the alignment with the competitive environment, you will develop a broad and nuanced understanding of the strategic management and the knowledge and tools needed to develop different strategic options in different competitive contexts.

This track prepares you for jobs that require the ability to identify, analyse and solve the major strategic issues faced by management in dealing with finance, marketing, accounting and human resources for various types of organisations. The integration of different functional strategic management skills offers you valuable expertise that comes with abundant career opportunities, in both small and large firms, nationals and multinationals, and profit and not for profit companies.

Track courses

Track module (18 credits)

  • Global Strategic Management
  • Strategic HRM
  • Marketing Planning

Electives (12 credits) for Strategic Business Management students

In addition to broadening education elective, Strategic Business Management students can also choose 2 track-specific courses:

  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Strategic Financial Decision Making


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