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Master of Business Administration

Programme structure

Specialisation tracks

Business Information Management (B)

The Business Information Management (BIM) track is targeted towards students with a strong interest in the use of information technology (IT) to sustain the business at strategic, tactical and operational levels. More specifically, significant effort is put on the understanding and modelling of organisational processes and determining the adequate IT systems to support them. Business information managers lead and supervise IT projects in which new systems are developed. To this end, the BIM track will learn you to develop multiple complementary views of software problems. These views include abstract models to get the big picture of the problem as well as concrete models to get all the details required for a proper development. You will develop strong social skills to build bridges between users, managers and technical ICT experts. The focus of the training is consequently not on technical aspects of IT but rather on an understanding of the potential use and added value of information systems and being able to bring and deliver this value at its best potential. In practice, there is a high demand in the industry for people able to understand how IT technologies enhance the efficiency of organisational processes, and skilled to supervise their adoption. You will be trained to understand the problem, design relevant and consistent solutions and communicate them to all stakeholders.

Track courses

Track module (18 credits)

  • ICT Strategy and Architecture
  • Systems Development and -Economics
  • Data Management and Business Intelligence

Electives (12 credits) for Business Information Management students

In addition to broadening education electives, European Business Information Management students can also choose track-specific electives:

  • Business Process Management and Information Systems Design
  • ICT Governance and Operational Management


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