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Master of Business Administration

Programme structure

Specialisation tracks

Corporate Finance (A)

The Corporate Finance track focusses on the strategic decisions companies make as well as the financial challenges they face when searching for financing/investment opportunities aimed at (shareholder) wealth creation. The goal of this track is to analyse the theory and practice in Corporate Financial Management from the viewpoint of the business manager and to provide you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key financial issues managers are faced with, their context, and their solutions or consequences.

Building on recent insights from academic research in corporate finance, you will learn concepts of (company/project) valuation, (entrepreneurial) financing and (strategic) financial management; and applies them to practical business decisions like investment projects, M&A deals, corporate restructuring, ... Additionally, you will discuss the many potential agency conflicts that stem from the separation of ownership and control as well as the corporate governance structures to cope with these conflicts. Finally, as companies operate in an ever changing and volatile (international) business environment, where the theoretical concepts of perfect (efficient) market conditions and rational (economic) decision makers not necessarily apply, you will learn to analyse how corporations (should) manage and/or mitigate these uncertainties using corporate risk management.

You will not only be confronted with the normative theories of (optimal) corporate financial decision making but also with the descriptive (observed) behavioural framework that results from real-world application of these theories. From advanced investment analysis and CEO compensation to risk management and capital structure, you will learn to translate principles of corporate finance theory into practical methods for implementing them at company level.

The Corporate Finance track prepares you for a career in a wide range of corporate finance related positions for various types of organisations (e.g., Investment banks, venture capitalists, consultants, multinationals,…). Some examples of jobs you might consider are: financial analyst, financial controller, corporate business manager for financial institutions, merger-acquisitions specialist, treasury and investments manager, financial consultant, and asset manager.

Track courses

Track module (18 credits)

  • Contemporary Issues in Finance
  • Strategic Financial Decision Making
  • Corporate Risk Management and Option Techniques

Electives (12 credits) for Corporate Finance students

Corporate Finance students can choose from a wide range of broadening courses.


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