'Non-parametric analysis of random utility models: computational tools for statistical testing' published in Econometrica

'Non-parametric analysis of random utility models: computational tools for statistical testing' by Smeulders, Cherchye & De Rock is published in Econometrica on January 15, 2021.

The publication is open access and, thus, available for all on the Econometrica website.

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Jo Van Biesebroeck about the employment effect of mergers

In this 2 minute video Jo Van Biesebroeck talks about his research on mergers effects.

More in depth info in Employment growth following takeovers by Karen Geurts and Johannes Van Biesebroeck (RAND Journal of Economics).


Discussion Paper Series

Only the most recently published working papers are listed below. The full series is available at feb.kuleuven.be/dps.

A new year, a new you? Frederic Vermeulen on within-individual variation in food purchases

Why do we struggle to live up to our NY's resolutions? Watch the great 2 minute talk by Frederic Vermeulen.

For more in depth info please read the open access European Economic Review article 'A new year, a new you? Within-individual variation in food purchases'.


Who decides what within the family? KU Leuven story on research by Laurens, Bram & Frederic

Who decides what within the family? What do families do with their time and budget? Laurens Cherchye, Frederic Vermeulen and Bram De Rock developed a model to explain and predict those choices.

The university publishes examples of successful research at KU Leuven Stories - The power of wonder. Here is a selection of recent research stories in economics:


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    29/03/2021 12:00 - 13:00

    SKYPE: PUBLIC-LABOR-HEALTH SEMINAR: Can job flexibility help promote female labor supply? open_in_new

    Laureen DE BARSY (Department of Economics)
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    22/03/2021 12:00 - 13:00

    SKYPE: PUBLIC-LABOR-HEALTH SEMINAR: Blood donation and monetary incentives: crowding-out of altruistic motivation? open_in_new

    Stijn BRUERS (Department of Economics)
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    26/10/2020 13:30 - 14:30

    SKYPE: PUBLIC-LABOR-HEALTH SEMINAR: Analyzing matching patterns in marriage: theory and application to Italian data open_in_new

    Edoardo CISCATO (Department of Economics)

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